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Alphas Theocracy
Location Information
Name (Kanji) 教国(アルファス)
Name (English) Alphas Theocracy
Novel Volume 04

Alphas Theocracy is a small country in the human world. They are one of the countries that sent participants to participate in the Blade Dance.


This is a small country sandwiched between Ordesia Empire (east) and the Dragon Empire of Dracunia (west); the two great nations. They made their huge fortunes through the trading of artifacts excavated from ancient ruins and also through their main export of spirit crystals from mines.

In the past during the Ranbal War, they too made massive fortunes by selling militarized spirits to neutral nations. 


  • Rajihal Kahn - the past hierarch.
  • Sjora Kahn - the princess of the royal family and the second-in-command of «Team Inferno».
  • Saladia Kahn - the second princess and general of the hierarch's royal guard.


  • In Light Novel Volume 4
    • There is a rumour that the black market organization, «Murders», headquarters is located here.
  • In Light Novel Volume 12
    • Sjora Kahn had a coup d'etat against the current hierach.
  • Amongst the ancient artifacts they unearthed, there were many extremely powerful sealed spirits inside them.
  • Demon King Solomon was born and the headquarters of demon king worshipers was founded at this place.
  • The «Demon King Religious Clique» is an organization for the fanatical devotees to the demon king.
  • Rubia Elstein used them to stockpile militarized spirits for a war in the future.