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Astral Gate
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Location Information
Name (Romaji) Astral Gate
Novel Volume 01
Manga Chapter 6
Anime Episode 2

The «Astral Gate» (also commonly referred to as the «Gate») is a transport system which elementalists use to travel between «Astral Zero» and the human world. These gates are located inside «Spirit Forests».


The forests that have the «Gate» are inhabited by the spirits that have wandered into this dimension. These spirits are harmless as they have no interest in interacting with humankind, however there are some spirits that love to play pranks on the people visiting the forest. (For example, the whispers that mislead Kamito in the forest (Volume 1)


Areishia Spirit AcademyEdit

A stone circle that could be from a prehistoric ruin was used with an unknown art. That could be the purpose to stabilize the «gate». [1]


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