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Astral Zero
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Location Information
Name (Kanji) 元素精霊界(アストラル・ゼロ)
Name (Romaji) Genso seirei-kai
Name (English) Astral Zero
Novel Volume 01
Manga Chapter 6
Anime Episode 01

«Astral Zero» is the world where spirits and demons live.


«Astral Zero» is another world where spirits live. It is accessible through an «Astral Gate» within the spirit forest. These Gates can be found in many places, with one located at Areishia Spirit Academy; this connects to a safe area where there are mostly low-level spirits.

In Astral Zero, humans, who have physical bodies, with divine powers would be treated the same as spirits. Meaning that there would be minimal damage occurring to the physical body when receiving attacks. The pain could be received normally. However, rather than the body taking damage, the mind will suffer the damage. In the case of serious damage, there will be severed memory loss, destruction of mind, and a possibility of not regaining your conscious.

This is an ideal place for combat practices, duels, and official matches.


Forest OceanEdit

It is filled with forests that extends as far as the eye can see. Walking a distance will lead to a crumbling stone gate which appears to be from a historic ruin of a gigantic theater.

There was a deep dark forest with twisted trees standing tall.
Shinning brilliantly in the night sky was a blood-like red moon.
There was a pale purple smoke-like fog shrouding nearby.[1]

Ragna YsEdit


Inhabitants of Astral ZeroEdit

  • Dryad (a tree spirit)


  • In Light Novel Volume 1
    • The largest Kagura ritual, Blade Dance, is held here.
    • Sealed spirits are not the normal ones that stay in Astral Zero.
    • Areisha Spirit Academy duels are held here.
    • Some spirits that are not human controllable are found in this realm.
  • From the spirit seals, there is a Magic Circuit Path that connects a contracted spirit to its home.
  • Highest ranking spirits have human forms.


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