Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) バルダンデルス
Name (Romaji) Baldanders
Elemental Waffe (Kanji) プロテウス・マスクス
Elemental Waffe (Romaji) Proteus Masques
Race Spirit
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 07

Baldanders is Sjora Kahn's current contracted spirit. It is a demonic elemental spirit in the form of a humanoid puppet without a face. In elemental waffe form it transforms into a pure white mask known as «Proteus Masques».


In its purified form it does not have much offensive and defensive abilities. It can hide in the shadow of its contractor. If the shadow of the target is touched by its contractor, it can take in the information of the target which can be later used by it's elemental waffe form.

Its elemental waffe form, «Proteus Masques», when worn, has the ability to replicate the target's form and powers. Whether it be the contracted spirit or the combat skills remembered by the body.


  • It's name "Baldanders" comes from a creature conceived from the writings of Hans Sachs.
    • It's name is derived from the German words for "soon"(bald) and "another"(anders).