The Spirit Blade Dance Festival,commonly called the «Blade Dance» in short, is the largest Kagura ritual offered to the Five Great Elemental Lords and it's carried out in Astral Zero.

Elementalists are gathered from all over the continent and perform a blade dance, so to speak, it's a grand martial battle festival of fellow elementalists. The country whose elementalist or elementalist team wins would be granted the Elemental Lord's protection for several years and this blessing would lead to the nation prospering. Also, a single «wish» will be granted to the victor.

Those who participate in the Blade Dance are the most elite elementalists representing each country. The reason many countries trained elementalists was for this reason.


To participate, the contestants must be 20 years old or younger, thus, it's rare to face the same opponent in two different festivals.

The Blade Dance occurrence is decided by an oracle from the Elemental Lords to the princess maidens that serve them, so there's no fixed time between one and another. As the timing, the battle mode and location is also decided by an oracle from the Elemental Lords.

Generally each nation could enter one participant/team. However, large nations like Ordesia Empire can enter three teams.


Fire Mountain city - The Fire Elemental Lord's territory

Megidoa - An abandoned city
AN1 101

Stadium where the Blade Dance took place three years prior

Known WinnersEdit

  • Greyworth Ciel Mais, won twenty four years ago. (her wish was immortality)
  • Yggdra, apparently won a previous Blade Dance.
  • Kazehaya Kamito, won three years ago as Ren Ashbell. Being a member of Team Scarlet, he won this year's Blade Dance as well, defending his title as the strongest, although ironically, most are led to believe he defeated Ren Ashbell instead.
  • Team Scarlet, won the team oriented Blade Dance in the present time.


  • The Blade Dance was also a representative war of knights between nations (but the «Divine Ritual Institute» would never admit it).
  • The regulation for the Blade Dance changes every time it is held. Fifteen years ago it was a battle royale. Three years ago it was an individual elimination match. And the most recent, it was a team battle.
  • Due to the usage of the furigana "blade dance" for both 剣舞 and 精霊剣舞祭. Distinction is made via proper or common noun. (eg: blade dance vs Blade Dance).
  • There are a total of twenty-four teams participating in the current Blade Dance. There are three from Ordesia Empire, three from Holy Kingdom of Lugia, two from Quina Empire, two from Island Nation of Robica, and one team each for other nations: Alphas Theocracy, Kingdom of Balstan, Principality of Rossvale, Dracunia Empire, et al.