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Carol Nastassha
Carol EP2
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) キャロル・ナスタサ
Name (Romaji) Carol Nastassha
Personal Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Laurenfrost family
Occupation Maid
Voiced By Manami Tanaka
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01, Chapter 03
Anime Episode 01

Carol is Rinslet Laurenfrost's personal maid.


She wears a maid uniform that includes a frilled long skirt with a white brim on top of her head. Other than her features, she is noted to have a short bob trim cut black hair.[1]


Although Carol is quite useless as a maid, she understands her master very well and is always been there to support Rinslet. She often tease Rinslet about her feelings for Kamito when she is not being honest herself.


Areisha Academy ArcEdit


  • In Light Novel Volume 1
    • She has a flag stored somewhere in her uniform.
  • In Light Novel Volume 2
    • Her memo pad is stored within her cleavage.
    • Carol's maid memo pad, «Carol's notes», have all the data on academy students and teachers.
  • Not only can she not take care of her master, it seems she can't even take care of herself (e.g. she has to be woken up by Rinslet, leading Kamito to consider her an incompetent maid). According to Rinslet, Carol was hired because she is cute alone.


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