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The Cursed Armament Seal, besides sealing spirits, has various effects such as forcefully drawing out a contracted spirit's power and granting new attributes. The research and possession of Cursed Armament Seals was prohibited by the cross-national treaty, although it was an open secret that some countries and organizations were still advancing in their research.


Among the people implanted with the Cursed Armament Seal, the power of their contracted spirits was driven into a rampage and there were endless cases of fatal side effects occurring. It was said that the number of people, whose body was compatible with the Cursed Armament Seal, was only less than ten percent even among the elementalists.



  • During the Ranbal War, many elementalists were rounded up and among them were also people forcefully implanted with the Cursed Armament Seal by the military. Although, it was not mentioned whether Greyworth was forced to or not.