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Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) ドレット・ノート
Name (Romaji) Dreadnought
Elemental Waffe (Kanji) サイレント・フォートレス
Elemental Waffe (Romaji) Silent Fortress
Race Spirit
Contractor Velsaria Eva Fahrengart
First Appearance
Novel Volume 03
Anime Episode 01

Dreadnought is a fortress spirit and was the contracted spirit of Velsaria Eva Fahrengart. It was an ancient sealed spirit that was sealed under a certain old castle. In elemental waffe form, it transforms into a aerial fortress/armor.


It is believed that Velsaria only uses it in elemental waffe form, «Silent Fortress». Overall, it has very high physical resistance, but lacks in spell resistance. Its main attack comes from cannons hidden behind layered composite armor that covers the fortress.

Although it is an aerial fortress, it has proven to be an even more formidable opponent on the ground. It has two giant robotic arms with blades attached to them and has its mobility increased by a large margin.


  • It seems that her elemental waffe's form changed from what it was three years ago. Three years ago, Velsaria equipped it as armor and had twin-main cannons emerged from her shoulders.