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Fenrir (full body) anime ver
Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) フェンリル
Name (Romaji) Fenrir
Elemental Waffe (Kanji) フリージング・アロー
Elemental Waffe (Romaji) Freezing Arrow
Race Spirit
Contractor Rinslet Laurenfrost
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01, Chapter 04
Anime Episode 01 (Elemental Waffe form)

Fenrir is Rinslet Laurenfrost's current contracted spirit.

Appearance Edit

It's an ice elemental spirit in the form of a wolf, with silver white fur.

In elemental waffe form, it transform into a bow.

During the time that it came under Sjora Kahn's control via Bandersnatch, the fur turned black and its eyes became bright red.



Areisha Academy ArcEdit

The Sword, the Academy and the Hell Cat GirlEdit

Claire and Rinslet have a fight for trying to have Kamito.It escalated to the point where the both summon their sprits Scarlet and Fefnir.

Blade Dance Arc Edit

Sprit War Arc Edit


Rinslet rarely use Fenrir in its purified form for battle, despite it can attack with its fangs and claws. In this form, Fenrir can store food and equipment inside its stomach, which is connected to an alternate dimension. It seems the food will not rot inside Fenrir. Fenrir is also used to carry the wounded or unconscious people outside of battle.

In elemental waffe form, «Freezing Arrow», it can send out multiple ice arrows, having a variety of effects and applications. For instance, the arrow could turn into countless ice shards and extinguish a burning fire. It has a long attack range.

  • Ice Nine (Absolute Zero) - freeze the target with never melting ice.


  • Fenrir can carry almost everything. Aside from food and other necessities, it stores tea ware, spirit language dictionary, etc; the reason for this is its stomach is connected to a separate dimension.
  • Fenrir's name comes from the monstrous wolf in Norse mythology, a son of Loki, originally kept as a guard dog by the leader of the gods, Odin feared the prophesy which stated that Fenrir would devour him during the Ragnarok. Because of this, Odin had Fenrir bound, however it was feared by all of the gods and thus non would restrain it so it could be bound, except for Tyr, god of single combat, who consequently had his arm bitten off when he did try to restrain it. come Ragnarok, Fenrir is freed by his sons and, enraged at having been bound by Odin's order, fulfills the prophesy by devours the king of the gods whole.
  • Fenrir's actual size according to Norse mythology is so massive that he can devour the moon; it's even stated that even if he was lying down his ears would still be able to scratch the sky, the Fenrir depicted in this series, however, is no larger than an ordinary wolf.