Character Profile
Name (Kanji) ハクア
Name (Romaji) Hakua
Personal Information
Gender Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) Black Tortoise
Family Rao Rin (Sister)
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 07

Hakua is a «Four Gods» member. She's Rao Rin's sister and a practitioner of the Fist of Assassination.


She has black hair styled up in buns, and her clothes are reminiscent of her spirit, the Black Tortoise.

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Tempest ArcEdit

On the fourth day of the Blade Dance, she attended an imperial council to discuss on what they are going to do about, Team Scarlet. She agrees at what Rao said that it would be foolish to go after Team Scarlet when Team Inferno was still out there. After their leader Linfa Sin Quina revealed that she already sent the declaration of war, when Linfa expresses the reasons she did it was because of the rumors of Kazehaya Kamito's lewdness which she, Rao and Shao Fu agreed that he was a pervert. Linfa continued to say that Kamito was "unsatisfied with pushing down girls from other teams, that he strips them and v..." but she was unable to say the last part of her sentence so Hakua did and said "Violates them?" which made Rao reprimand her for saying it in front of the princess.

The next day, at the place indicated by the war declaration, she and the rest of her team introduced themselves to Team Scarlet. After Kamito accidentally insulted Linfa due to her short height and not believing she was the same age, she attacked Team Scarlet along with her entire team on Linfa's orders. From the beginning she pushed Claire and Ellis unto a tight position in which they couldn't match her teamwork with her companions.

She was defeated with ease when Kamito rushed back to protect his comrades. He broke her Black Tortoise's elemental waffe and stabbed her in the chest causing her to fall unconscious.

She was carried by Rao Rin when the Four Gods retreated, but she was eliminated by Sjora Kahn when she acted as a decoy to buy time for Linfa and Shao to escape.

After the Tempest, she and the rest of Four Gods attended a party to celebrate team Scarlet's victory in advancing to the next stage of the Blade Dance.

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