The Instructional School was a facility established by some nobles to create assassins.


  1. «Cave Castle»: A labyrinthine layout that most likely surrounded the «Instructional School». Similar to the layout of Areishia Spirit Academy, its purpose was only for defense against external enemies.


This facility gathered young girls with talents as elementalists from orphanages or relief institutions and put them under special training. Its goal was firstly to supply assassins to the nobles who established Instructional School. They later became independent and instead put their belief in the second coming of the Demon King.

Because of this, they conducted experiments to create a Demon King. By collecting boys with even the slightest compatibility with spirits, they conducted hypnotism, drug administration, spirit possession experiments, and so forth on those boys in order to create a second Demon King. However, these experiments provided nothing but failure. The organization would go on to eventually discover the Demon King's rightful successor, Kazehaya Kamito, and began to focus on his development. Aside from that, they were also involved in other kinds of experiments, including developing and testing Cursed Armament Seals.

Those who were raised there were exceptional assassins, dangerous enough to be expected to kill elementalists up to a certain level, even the failure, Jio Inzagi, was capable of bringing down several members of the Sylphid knights and their leader. Their emotions were conditioned away by the inhumane education, and nothing but killing techniques using spirits were thoroughly drilled into them to make them effective assassins.

Around the time of Rubia Elstein's defection, she attacked and destroyed the place. It is then that some of its clandestine operations were revealed to the world. The ones who survived the attack were either taken in by the Ordesia Empire or left to their own survival. Many of those who survived took up contracts as assassins as this was one of their only skills.


The known members are listed below:


  • According to Kamito, there were certain Festivals celebrated at the Instructional School. They were really bloody and included the «Festival of the Death Dance» and the «Festival of Blood Splattering Battles».