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Judia Laurenfrost
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) ユーディア・ローレンフロスト
Name (Romaji) Judia Laurenfrost
Personal Information
Epithet «Queen of Ice Blossoms»
Age 13
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation «Divine Ritual Institute» (Former)
First Appearance
Novel Volume 07 (Mentioned)

Volume 13 (Actual Appearance)

Judia Laurenfrost is the second daughter of Margrave Gryus Laurenfrost.


She was originally a highly ranked, excellent princess maiden of the «Divine Ritual Institute». However, just four years ago, while performing a sacrificial ritual towards the Water Elemental Lord, she made a mistake. In a fury, the Elemental Lord imprisoned her in a curse of never-melting ice.

The Earl of Laurenfrost had recruited elementalists from all over the empire in an attempt to break the curse, but to no avail. Despite possessing the power of a variety of high-level spirits, they could not break the curse.

After that, Judia had lain un-moving, dormant in a deep sleep.

In reality, while Iseria Seaward was still corroded with the «Otherworldly Darkness», it invaded Judia. Iseria Seaward, in her last bits of sanity, sealed both Judia and the «Otherworldly Darkness» in cursed ice so that it doesn't invade the material world.

Power and AbilitiesEdit


  • Rinslet Laurenfrost (her sister), wanted to use her wish if she wins the Blade Dance festival to free Judia from her curse.