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Linfa Sin Quina
Linfa Sin Quina
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) リンファ・シン・クイナ
Name (Romaji) Linfa Sin Quina
Personal Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) Kirin
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 07

Linfa Sin Quina is «Four Gods» member and leader. She is the Quina Empire's third princess.


People mistake her for looking younger than she actually is, due to her petite body. However, she is at the same age with other Four Gods members.

Personality Edit

She hates being mistaken for a child because of her outer appearance and, as noted by her retainers, has a habit of not consulting them when making her plans. Specifically, when their team challenged Team Scarlet, all so she could get rid of Kamito, because she entirely believed the rumours of him being the so called "Licentious Demon King," she did not consult her subordinates first.

After teaming up with Kamito and fighting against an army of demons, she has however revised her opinion of him somewhat, likely having found the reality to be more than what the rumors imply.

She also hates it when her subordinates make decisions without consulting her, ironically enough, but will concede to their choices once they explain the logic behind them.


On the fourth day of the Tempest, she held an imperial council with her team, sans Rion Sharma, to discuss about what they would do with Team Scarlet. Rao Rin expressed that engaging them was unnecessary risk with Team Inferno around. Hakua agreed with her and Shao Fu just wanted to fight strong opponents not caring about the issue. Linfa was exasperated at the latter two's answers which did not really add anything. Rao pleaded with her that they already have enough Magic Stones. Linfa then sheepishly mentioned that she already sent the declaration of war. She was then reprimanded by Rao. Linfa tried to cover up her blunder by saying that it was for the elimination of the male elementalist, Kazehaya Kamito and talked about the rumors of his lewdness. Shao interrupted by mentioning that they also need Rion's opinion and wondered if she failed in her mission, which Linfa did not believe it would happen. Rion then returned and thanked her for her trust. She reported that Team Inferno was staying at their stronghold, so it was safe to engage Team Scarlet.

During the fight with Team Scarlet the next day she supports her team with ritual dances, even turning Fianna's spell against her team, but are forced to retreat when Kamito starts using his strongest techniques. After they retreat, she manages to escape from Sjora Kahn's trap with Shao Fu, in expense of Rao Rin and Hakua.

They form an alliance with Team Scarlet to attack Sjora Khan, she uses the clairvoyance to find where she took Fianna and later helps Kamito fight the demon spirits with ritual dances.

After their alliance ended, she and Shao fought against Team Knights of the Dragon Emperor but lost. After the Tempest, Team Four Gods went to La Parfait to celebrate with Team Scarlet the latter's advancement to the finals and brought food.

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