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Lurie Lizaldia
Lurie Lizaldia
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) ルーリエ・リザルディア
Name (Romaji) Lurie Lizaldia
Personal Information
Epithet Lurie the Miraculous
Age 18
Gender Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) Mournblade
First Appearance
Novel Volume 09, Chapter 01

Lurie Lizaldia was a member of the «Numbers». Among the Numbers, she was the highest ranking «Healer» who specialized in researching healing spells.

Appearance Edit


She appeared to be a quiet, and kind person whom cares about her comrades greatly. However, during the time Kamito was looking for the Burial Chamber, it is revealed that she is actually a hateful character. Though she is a hateful character, she appears to retain her extreme loyalty traits. 


She is a Member of the Numbers, and is ranked 8th. She is known to be the greatest healer the empire has.

At the time of Kamito's search for King Solomon's Burial Chamber, she is revealed to be a traitor of the empire, and is actually working for an outside character. 

She is contracted with a demon spirit, and another spirit at the same time as attempting to using Est.


  1. The "outside character" is assumed to be Millennia Sanctus.
  • Her contract spirit elemental waffe, Mournblade, is named after the brother sword of Stormbringer. The latter also happened to be the elemental waffe of Void.