Megidoa is the stage for the final round of the Blade Dance, «Cross Fire».

It is an abandoned city, and a historic battlefield of the «Spirit War» thousands of years ago. There appears to be monolithic structures resembling shrines standing tall everywhere; strange trees growing out of the ground, displacing stone tiles, and creating a scene like a sea of trees. The ruins were originally built from raw «Spirit Crystals» thus allowing these structures to withstand erosion from wind and rain over a millennium.

There is no presence of life. Even spirits, which should normally be widespread throughout the world, are not found here. However, there are «Forsaken Spirits»; they are spirits who had died with excessively strong resentment and after losing their spiritual qualities, they became ghosts that linger in the ground. This abandoned city seems to harbor large numbers of such «Forsaken Spirits».

Furthermore, there is a large underground maze beneath the city. Carvings on the walls told a history of ancient time written in spirit language scripts. This place has many secret doors protected by magic leading to the upper ground.


This abandoned city was the headquarters of the «Darkness Elemental Lord» faction, leading the rebel armies to oppose the other five «Elemental Lords» during the Spirit War in the past.

For almost three years prior to the current Blade Dance, a spirit who claims to have the name of «Iseria Seaward» was imprisoned here in the underground maze.


  • In Light Novel Volume 11