Nepenthes Lore
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) ネベンテス・ロア
Name (Romaji) Nepenthes Lore
Personal Information
Gender Male
Race Undead
Contracted spirit(s) Restia Ashdoll (Temporary)
First Appearance
Novel Volume 05

Nepenthes Lore was the previous Ren Ashbell and was the manifestation of the Demon King's 'will'.


The only thing that can be said is that he looks like an elementalist in a clad black armor. When the armor was removed, it revealed the appearance of a skeleton with dark matter flowing from him.


He does not speak throughout his time in the human world. But, he does roar to express his emotions like when he is happy, mad, or in pain. He displays fear as well.

He appears to be under Restia's command, even though he was resurrected by Rubia Elstein.


Through a resurrection ritual, he was awakened as the fifth member of «Team Inferno» by Rubia Elstein.


Tempest ArcEdit

During the Tempest, it is taken by Restia to eliminate other teams and gather enough power to battle Kamito, it takes down the Rupture Division except for Milla Bassett, who manages to escape.

Later it takes a team from Areishia Spirit Academy and strikes Kamito with Hell Blast while he was protecting Claire, sending him over a cliff.

When Team Scarlet and Milla Bassett seek to challenge Nepenthes Lore, he makes his way through Team Scarlet slowly overwhelming them until Milla Bassett releases the Crusaders from her eye and defeats it.


He has the ability to absorb divine power.

Nepenthes Lore is a spiritual construct, and the legacy of the Demon King. It is shown that it has the power to drain spirit energy from other elementalists using black tentacles or tendrils of energy, it is also shown it can use that power to blast and attack others.


  • In Light Novel Volume 7:
    • He and Restia took down three teams in the Blade Dance.
    • As noted by Kamito, he is not a human, an elementalist or a spirit but a monster.
  • Even as a resurrected person he displays emotions.
  • He was used by Restia to awaken Kamito as the next Demon King.