The Ranbal War that once swept over the entire continent was the greatest large-scale war between countries in history. The war was oversaw by Greyworth Ciel Mais, where she gained victory for her nation and thus the title as the most powerful Elementalist in the continent.


The war initially sparked from disputes between minor countries over spirit crystal mining rights. However, due to the secret machinations of the major powers, the war gradually spread over the entire continent.

During the great war, many elementalists were sent to the battlefield, thus tragically cutting short the lives of many young maidens.

Eventually, «Cursed Armament Seal» heart transplants were performed during the Ranbal War as an initiative spearheaded by the knights. However, reportedly, there were virtually no successful cases.

Famous FiguresEdit


Greyworth Ciel Mais (she received «Cursed Armament Seal» heart transplant)