Rao Rin
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) ラオ・リン
Name (Romaji) Rao Rin
Personal Information
Gender Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) Azure Dragon
Family Hakua (Sister)
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 07

Rao Rin is a «Four Gods» member. She's Hakua's sister and the the user of the divine beast spirit «Azure Dragon». She prefers to be called and introduced as Rao.


Her hair is black and its styled in buns. Her clothing is an oriental dress that is vividly colorful and its a form-fitting formal dress which emphasizes on body shape. The skirt portion of this dress features high slits for seductiveness. This dress color is green to reminiscent her spirit, Azure Dragon. Her appearance is similar to Hakua.


Tempest ArcEdit

Rao and the other members were debating as to attack which team; «Team Scarlet» or «Team Inferno».

She and the «Four Gods» members later met «Team Scarlet». In the upcoming battle with them, she attacked Ellis and eventually, her sword was shattered by Kamito. Thus, they retreated.

Upon finding that Rion Sharma was a disguised Sjora Kahn, Rao and Hakua sacrificed themselves to protect the princess.

After the Blade Dance, she and the rest of the «Four Gods» members celebrated with «Team Scarlet» on the latter's advancement to the finals.