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Reishia |290px]]

Character Profile
Name (Kanji) レイシア
Name (Romaji) Reishia
Personal Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
  • Elementalist
  • Student
Voiced By Chinami Hashimoto
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01
Anime Episode 02

Reishia is a student of Areishia Spirit Academy and a member of the Sylphid Knights. She is contracted with an ice spirit, whose elemental waffe form is a sword.


She has tea colored hair in braids.

In the anime, she has a light turquoise-green straight hair with a pair of green eyes.



Areishia Academy ArcEdit

During Kamito's first day in the Academy she followed Ellis to calm down a reported disturbance. After arriving at the scene and knowing that the culprits were Claire and Rinslet, she starts teasing them along with Rakka before Ellis stops them, resulting in a challenge for a three-vs-three battle.

Later in Astral Zero, they waited at the theater for the other team so they could make a cool entrance from above which was later called out on by Kamito. During the fight, she went against Claire but was eventually defeated. When the demon spirit attacked, she and Rakka were rescued by Rinslet's Fenrir. They two were later sent to the infirmary where they woke up the next morning.

Sometime later, she and Rakka came to calm down Ellis when she went up to team Scarlet after their lost and got riled up by Claire. She was one of the people present when Ellis' proposition to Kamito to join her team came out like a confession and even teased her after he turned down her offer to join.

The next day, she and Rakka were patrolling with Ellis due to the break in last night when they happen upon Kamito and Fianna. After stopping Ellis attacking Kamito, she apologizes to him that Ellis gets emotionally unstable whenever they meet. After they explained to Kamito that they were gathering light spirits for a quest in the mine town Gado to arrest Jio Inzagi, they left for the mine.

Sometime after they arrived, they fought against Jio but both she and Rakka were defeated and injured by him. Kamito and his team then arrived to help but Jio released a poison attribute spirit which affected Kamito, herself, Rakka and Ellis. During the fight she, Rakka and Ellis were brought to an area to be treated by Fianna. Later, as they were being treated, they were attacked by Jio but Kamito used his body to shield them. They were further saved when Fianna used the Blood Stone to repel Jio but due to receiving the poison directly earlier, she and Rakka became unconscious. They were eventually rescued by the other Sylphid Knights and returned to the academy.

About a week later, she and Rakka were still injured and unable to participate as Sylphid Knights and the Blade Dance.

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