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Ren Ashbell
Ren Ashbell (Kamito)
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) レン・アッシュベル
Name (Romaji) Ren Ashbell
Personal Information
Gender Male/Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s)
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01, Chapter 02 (Mentioned)
Anime Episode 01

Ren Ashbell is the alias used by Kazehaya Kamito when he participated and won the events of «Blade Dance» 3 years prior.

Appearance Edit

She is a beautiful maiden with a gorgeous long brown hair extended down to her hips and dignified lovely face. She also dressed in a foreign-styled attire with a large slit inserted at the edge of the pants.

Personality Edit


Kamito have used this alias when he won the events of the «Blade Dance» three years prior, where he also earned the epithet as "The Strongest Blade Dancer" due to her overwhelming strength and power.

Three years later, the «Calamity Queen», Rubia Elstein, disguised herself and used this alias to participate in the current events of the «Blade Dance».



He was told by Greyworth that Ren Ashbell has appeared after three years.

Rubia Edit

We don't know if it's Restia who chose that name, but the name is very similar to the Darkness Elemental Lord, Ren Ashdoll. Ren Ashbell could very well be Kamito's name as the new Darkness Elemental Lord.