Rituals are actions or performances to make a spirit commit an action; be it on a destructive scale, or personal scale.

«Ritual Kagura» consists of all the rituals within the world. However, the ones who expertise in these areas are the Queens who serves the Five Great Elemental Lords. These Queens were trained from the «Divine Ritual Institute».

To perform a successful ritual, one must:

  1. Go through a Purification Ritual.
  2. Dance with perfect movements.

If the results are not met, damage may be done to the Queen. For example, Judia Laurenfrost.


«Divine Ritual Institute» - Have holy attribute, and have the effect of fatigue recovery.


Known objects that are used in rituals.

  • Rosaries
  • Royal Goblets 
  • Folding Fans 
  • Whips
  • Candles 
  • Objects looking like beast ears and tails

Types of RitualsEdit


Contract RitualEdit

Known users: Humans

Details: A ritual where they make a vow to form a contract with a spirit. With a top level spirit, a kiss of oath is required. For example Kamito and Est.


"Oh Noble Spirit Sealed in Ancient Holy Sword!

Thou Shall Accept Me as Thy Master and I Shall Be Thy Sheath!

Thrice I Command Thee, Exchange Vows With Me!"

— Volume 1 Chapter 1

Healing RitualEdit

Known users: Queens

Details: A ritual to heal anyone. Works only with skinship. 

Kagura RitualEdit

Known users: Humans

Details: The largest Kagura ritual is called, «Blade Dance». Participants perform and make an offering to the Five Great Elemental Lords.

Purification RitualEdit

Known users: Humans

Details: To seal contracts with spirits , they need to purify their body in springs. The springs beside shrines have the highest of purification qualities. It is also used before performing other rituals. This is like the basic step before advancing to the other forms of rituals.

Resurrection RitualEdit

Known users: Rubia Elstein

Known resurrection: Nepenthes Lore

Details: This ritual is a way to revive a spirit of the dead to the human world. To resurrect a spirit there are 2 conditions to fulfill; a «Blood Stone» and a chant using spirit language.


"O Nether World Elemental Lord, I humbly beg you to call back the souls of the seeds of darkness – From behind the mask came some hard-to-understand spirit language."

— Volume 5 Chapter 4

Ritual of ListeningEdit

Known users: Reicha

Details: A ritual to inform the whole crowd joining in the Blade Dance about the pronouncements of the Elemental Lord.

Ritual of MealsEdit

Known users: Queens

Details: A monthly ritual to offer cooked meals to high ranking spirits before they return to Astral Zero.

Ritual of the Mad BanquetEdit

Known users: Queens

Details: This is the seventh ritual in the «Ritual Kagura». A ritual to make sealed spirits, that were forcefully made to obey, into a rampage state. An example could be seen in Jio Inzagi.

Ritual of ResealingEdit

Known users: Queens

Details: A ritual to reseal a seal on a troublesome spirit.

Secret RitualEdit

Known users: Queens

Details: A ritual to distribute ones divine power. Works only with skinship. 

Summoning RitualEdit

Known users: Humans

Details: To call forth their spirit, this ritual is used. However, in the case of a druid girl from Wolverine Class, a large-scale ritual is needed to summon their spirit. This sort of ritual takes time and the summoner needs to perform a dancing ritual to the spirit.



Known users: Linfa

Details: The highest form of rituals. This ritual is used to display a target's location by interfering with «Astral Zero»'s space. To work, it needs a shrine or a sacred spring.


Known users: Fianna

Details: This is the fourth variation of a ritual in the «Ritual Kagura». It is used to obtain the land's blessing for the dancer's comrades.

«Sacred Flames of Judgment»Edit

Known users: Reicha, Queens who received the blessing from the Fire Elemental Lord

Details: A ritual to cure curses that are so strong that normal rituals cannot break it. However, one needs to receive the blessing of the Fire Elemental Lord; with that power, even the harshest of curses can be destroyed. It works when the cursed area is being touched.


"O supreme master of all earthly flames, our harsh judge and great warrior—

"Sacred Flames of Judgment – redeem our sins and cleanse our filth—

"Sacred Flames of Judgment – redeem our sins and cleanse our filth—

—Volume 5 Chapter 5

«Seal-Breaking Ritual»Edit

Known users: Fianna

Details: A ritual to unseal those who have been sealed. Upon unsealing, the memories of the person will be returned.

«Valentia Holy Festival»Edit

Details: It is a popular ritual to commemorate Queen Valentia Sadelca who served the fire Elemental Lord several hundred years ago. This was originally a ritual to dedicate baked sweets, which were baked by flames of purification, to spirits. But now, it had become "the day to give chocolate to the opposite sex, who one had a liking for" among the common folks.

«Water Spirit Festival»Edit

Details: A smaller scale «Blade Dance» that imitates ancient water combating.


  • In Light Novel Volume 8
    • On their sixth birthday, princess maidens can contract their high-level spirits.
    • When Claire and Rinslet was younger, they used a chalk to draw a magic square on the wall and began chanting the spirit language summoning ritual.
  • Spirit Language is commonly referred to High Ancient Language. This language is used in all rituals