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Scarlet humanoid
Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) スカーレット・ヴァルキリー・オルトリンデ
Name (Romaji) Scarlet Valkyrie, Ortlinde
Elemental Waffe (Kanji) フレイムタン
Elemental Waffe (Romaji) Flame Tongue
Gender Female
Race Spirit
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01
Anime Episode 01

Scarlet is Claire Rouge's current contracted spirit. She is a fire elemental spirit.


Scarlet normally appears in the form of a small red cat. In her elemental waffe form, she transforms into a whip. Scarlet's true name as a spirit had been lost since ancient times. Once she had regained her true name, Ortlinde, she appears in a humanoid form.

As Ortlinde, she wears a dress clad in flames. She has a pale complexion and a slim figure with mildly bulging breasts as noted by Kamito. She has shoulder length red hair, triangular cat ears and a tail.


Scarlet is completely loyal to Claire, to the point that she disobeyed the command to retreat in order to protect Claire from a powerful demon, even though it could have meant her death.


She was the feared and revered bloodstained princess during the «Spirit War», and the utmost treasure entrusted to the Elstein bloodline.


Areishia Academy ArcEdit

The Sword, The Academy and The Hell Cat GirlEdit

Claire and Rinslet have a fight for trying to take Kamtio.It escalated to the point where both summon their respective sprits Scarlet and Fefnir.

Blade dance Arc Edit

Sprit war Arc Edit


In her purified cat form, Scarlet attacks with her claws. However, in her humanoid form, she summons a massive crimson scythe and uses it to attack her enemy.

In elemental waffe form, «Flame Tongue», its sharp swing can pretty much cut everything up. It can also effectively restrain its target's movement.


  • In Light Novel Volume 1
    • It is mentioned that 'Scarlet' could be a name of affection, and not her true spirit name.
  • In Light Novel Volume 10
    • When she met Kamito in her human form. She called him master. The reason being in Claire's dream, Claire would be treated as a slave by Kamito. As they share dreams, Scarlet implied that her master's master is her master as well.
  • Scarlet's human and cat forms do not share the same memories. This is because when in cat form Scarlet only has animal level intellect. Though she does remember Kamito feeding and petting her and dislikes Ellis.
  • Her name "Ortlinde" comes from one of the nine Valkyries in the opera Die Walküre (The Valkyrie). Which in turn is based in Norse Mythology. 
  • During the spirit war she was feared as the blood stained princess and she is one of the few that has her name written down on the underground walls of Megidoa.
  • Restia gave Claire Scarlet's true name.

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