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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 01
STnBD V01 cover
Volume Title The Sword, The Academy and

The Hell Cat Girl

Release Date December 24, 2010
ISBN-10 ISBN 4-8401-3675-0
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8401-3675-4
Number of Pages 262
Cover Character/s Claire Rouge
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A Grand Battle Tournament - 'Blade Dance'
Contracted spirits that can transform into weapons —'Elemental Waffe'
A young boy's left hand
A ferocious heroine
"I'll turn you to cinders!"

Kamito, an irregular male elementalist, was summoned by Greyworth Ciel Mais to Areishia Spirit Academy. He got some information about his long lost contracted spirit however, in return of her information he had to enroll in the academy and participate in the Spirit Blade Dance festival two months later. 


Chapter 1 - You Are My Contracted Spirit!Edit

On his way to Areishia Spirit Academy, Kamito met Claire purifying her body in a pond within the spirit forest. Claire accused him for peeping although he had no intention to. Later, Kamito asked Claire for directions and found out that she was going to form a contract with a powerful spirit; «The Sacred Sword of Severian». It was said that it slayed Demon King Solomon.

Afraid of losing his way again and also worried about Claire, he followed her. Claires' first attempt to contract the spirit ended up in failure as the spirit was too strong and wild for her to tame. Kamito rushed in and saved her by contracting it himself. Afterwards, Claire told him to take responsibility for stealing her spirit.

V01 P059

Meeting Greyworth and Ellis

Chapter 2 - Areishia Spirit AcademyEdit

Claire dragged Kamito to the academy but later he escaped. He reached the Director's Office and found it was occupied by two people, Ellis and Greyworth. He overheard Ellis's dissatisfaction about him joining the academy, he was noticed and knocked down by Ellis.

After Greyworth dismissed Ellis, she had a brief talk with Kamito. He received some information about his long lost contracted spirit from her, however, in return he had to enroll in the academy and participate in the Spirit Blade Dance festival held 2 months later. He also heard about the reappearance of Ren Ashbell, Strongest Blade Dancer.

Chapter 3 - My Classmate is a PrincessEdit

Ellis guided him through the school building. On the way, Kamito found out that he was going to live in a wooden lodge beside the stable that was built by Ellis. He was assigned to Raven Class, where problematic children were gathered.

Later, in the class, he met Claire, her rival Rinslet, Rinslet's maid Carol, and also teacher Freya Grandol who was in charge of the class.

Chapter 4 - The Wolf, the Cat, and the KnightEdit

Kamito returned to his dormitory in the afternoon. Not eating anything since the morning, he was hungry. Getting more hungry thinking about food, he smelled food from outside. There he found Rinslet holding a bowl of soup and Carol behind her. She offered the soup for Kamito to become her servant. He rejected but it turned out that she was going to give it anyways.

At that moment, Claire joined in and had a quarrel with Rinslet over Kamito. They eventually summoned their contracted spirit and fought, destroying Kamito's home in the process. In charge of upholding the Academy's discipline, Ellis appeared along with two girls from Sylphid Knights. Those girls insulted Rinslet and Claire. Ellis stopped them and was about to leave, but Claire, on hearing her sister being insulted, requested them to a duel. Thus they decided a team match of three people.

Chapter 5 - Claire's FeelingsEdit

Claire felt bad destroying Kamito's home so she brought him to her room in Raven Class female dormitory. They talked about gathering people to enter Blade Dance and he found out that Claire did not have any friends. Changing the subject, Claire brought out a large amount of canned food. Kamito then offered to make dinner. While he was cooking, Claire went to take shower. At that moment, the water spirit of the spirit device went wild, Claire ran towards Kamito. Then he helped her settled down the wild spirit.

After eating dinner together, there he learnt about Claire's past, about her sister Rubia Elstein, and her wish - meet her again. She also talked of her one true admirer, the past Strongest Blade Dancer.

Chapter 6 - The Blade Dance at MidnightEdit

The place for the dual was in Astral Zero. It is another world where spirits live in. Upon reaching the world, Claire told him the battle plans and Kamito tried releasing his elemental waffe. But he only got a fragile short sword.

The battle started when Rinslet arrived. Ellis's teammates, Rakka and Reishia were not that strong and were taken down really fast by Claire and Rinslet. However, Kamito was having a hard time fending off Ellis' attack. He did receive support fire from Claire and Rinslet but the attacks collided with each other in the air. As Ellis was going to finish Kamito off, suddenly, a demon spirit appeared. They stopped the duel and quickly recovered the fainted Rakka and Reisha, while leaving one person to guard the rear. Claire decided to do it, as she not only wanted to guard but she too had not given up on contracting a strong spirit and wanted to make it hers. However, the demon spirit was too strong. Scarlet sacrificed itself to let her master escape but Claire became paralyzed by the fear.

Kamito, as he was rushing to save Claire, tried releasing his elemental waffe again. This time he poured down a lot of divine power to his right hand and tried to recall the feelings from three years ago. He succeeded and struck down the demon spirit with a gigantic sword, the Demon Slayer, but lost his consciousness after that.

Chapter 7 - Contracted Spirit EstEdit

Before waking up, Kamito dreamed of his past; when he was at the Instructional school, when he met Restia, and when he became the Strongest Blade Dancer Ren Ashbell. 

STnBD V01 002

Frenzy spirit

He woke up in Rinslet room and found Est beneath the sheets. After Est convinced him that she was his contracted spirit, he went out looking for Claire. He met Ellis and got information about a Contract Ceremony to be held in town.

In the meantime, on her way to the ceremony, Claire met a dark beautiful girl offering her a stronger power.

Chapter 8 - The Strongest Blade DancerEdit

Kamito arrived at the ceremony and searched for Claire. He found her injured all over but could not help her as she would probably never forgive him for making her disqualified.

Claire, who seriously believed that Scarlet was no more, fought desperately with only spirit magic. Being provoked by the two upperclassmen that were retaliating against her, she decided to use the power she received earlier, a frenzy spirit. It did not only defeat her opponent spirits, but its presence also caused other spirits to go berserk. Kamito rushed over to Claire holding Est in her sword form. He convinced Claire that the frenzy spirit before her was Scarlet being possessed. Thus, she burned the frenzy spirit's seal in her hand to break the contract with it.

At the same time, Restia appeared before them and made Glasya-Labolas, a militarized spirit and the reward of this ceremony, turn wild. Kamito did not understand what happened and collapse there in shock. Claire woke him up with a kiss which is quite effective. They fought Glasya-Labolas together and Kamito finished it off. In the midst of the fight, she could glimpse a figure that resembled the past Blade Dancer.


In the health center of the academy, Kamito found himself lying in bed again with Est beside him. He realized that he could not fight the same as old times now that he had a three-years blank period. The door opened, and the three princesses entered. The «Blade Dance» is two months away.