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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 02
STnBD V02 cover
Volume Title The Lost Queen
Release Date February 25, 2011
ISBN-10 ISBN 4-8401-3824-9
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8401-3824-6
Number of Pages 262
Cover Character/s Fianna Ray Ordesia
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—Do you dislike an immodest princess?
Fianna, the Lost Queen. The Ordesia Empire's former princess.
A mysterious enemy calling himself the successor of the Demon King.

Three years had passed since she last met Kamito, Fianna came to Areishia Spirit Academy to meet him again. She wanted to make Ren Ashbell, Strongest Blade Dancer to join her and win the upcoming Blade Dance.



At the previous Blade Dance, Fianna was invited as the guest of honor. She ran off on her own to the forest area of Astral Zero. Not knowing how dangerous the place was, she was attacked by Dryad, a tree spirit. On his way to the match area, Kamito beat Dryad and saved Fianna. Puzzled for a moment, Fianna noticed that this boy was the Ren Ashbell she admired. This was because he did not put on female clothing at the moment. Learning his shocking secret, she promised him not to tell anyone and to meet after the Blade Dance finished. However, he disappeared after the Blade Dance finished.

Chapter 1 - Team BattleEdit

In that same morning, Team Scarlet had a match and Fianna arrived at the academy. 

V02 P049

All-you-can-eat buns

During the match, Team Scarlet which currently consisted of Claire and Kamito, faced off a higher ranking team in a deep forest within Astral Zero. It was a 'two versus five battle' and they managed to bring down two of their opponents. However, due to their opponents' great teamwork and being outnumbered, they lost.

Chapter 2 - The Young Ladies' AfternoonEdit

At a salon cafe inside the academy, Claire and Kamito were having lunch. When Rinslet and Carol joined them, Rinslet mentioned about the newly admitted student coming to Raven Class. She started talking about team members for the Blade Dance and Kamito realized that she wanted to join their team. Kamito discussed with Claire but nothing happened. At that moment, Ellis came and interrupted them. It turned out that Ellis came to invite Kamito into her team. He rejected the offer saying he has no intention to change teams.

At a corner of the Academy Town, Restia was having a conversation with a boy about their plan to steal that specific sealed material from the academy's library.

Chapter 3 - The Lost QueenEdit

At academy director's office, Greyworth introduced Fianna to Kamito as she was admitted to this academy and would be entering Raven Class. Greyworth wanted Kamito's team to accompany Fianna on a special S-rank quest at Mine Town Gado. He wanted to take it but he also needed to discuss it with Claire, and he learnt that it was Fianna herself who picked him as her bodyguard.

As Kamito and Fianna left the room, teacher Freya Grandol asked Greyworth about Fianna's unfair entry by using spirit crystals during the entrance examination. However, Greyworth overlooked it. Freya added in her report that someone had infiltrated the Academy Town.

Walking together in academy corridor, Kamito asked Fianna why she come to this academy. She avoided the question and instead, told him that she knew he was the Ren Ashbell of the previous Blade Dance.

Chapter 4 - Cat FightEdit

Fianna is staying in Claire's room in Raven Class dormitory. Somehow, the conversation ended up where Claire and Fianna fought over Kamito, thus they decided to settle it by cooking. Claire decided to make seafood curry however, she ended up with a burnt black lump. Fianna made a boiling red white stew. The duel should be decided by Kamito, Est, and Scarlet acting as judges. However, Fianna provoked Claire to taste her stew and knocked her out.

Later, Kamito heard faint sound of weapons from afar. Est also noticed it. They decided to go after it with Claire following them.

Chapter 5 - The One Who Will Succeed the Demon KingEdit

The lone intruder defeated five Sylphid Knights when Ellis arrived at the scene. She decided to attacked. However, she was blown away and Claire saved her from a follow-up attack. Kamito rushed over to Ellis's side and confirmed the current situation.

The intruder introduced himself as Jio Inzagi and claimed to succeed the Demon King. Using multiple spirits and extra ordinary movements, he fend off all attacks. Jio almost landed a clean hit on Kamito but Fianna interrupted him with a flash spirit crystal. Jio turned to Fianna and attacked her. Kamito stopped his attacks with his left hand. After that, Jio escaped as he heard more reinforcements coming. He had already achieved his goal by stealing the classified materials of the seal specification.

Chapter 6 - The Morning of the DepartureEdit

Fianna had a dream of the incident four years ago where Rubia Elstein betrayed the Fire Elemental Lord and disappeared. She tried to stop her but Rubia easily defeated her. Fianna was left with a strong psychological trauma.

After Fianna woke up, she found Kamito. He wanted to discuss something with her alone. With Claire around it was not possible, so he brought Fianna to the Spirit Forest. Claire lost them and was surprised by the approaching Rinslet who saw her. Rinslet and Claire formed a team for this quest.

In spirit forest, Kamito got to remember how he meet Fianna three years ago. Then he asked Fianna to tell the reason she came to the academy. She honestly answered that she wanted «Ren Ashbell» to join her team.

Ellis found them in the forest. She also had a quest to Mine Town Gado but not the same quest with Kamito; it was to arrest Jio Inzagi. Ellis rejected Kamito's offer to help and went on ahead. After an hour, a party of four people, Rinslet included, headed for the mine.

Chapter 7 - The Abandoned-Mine BattleEdit

It was night when they arrived at the mine. An earthquake struck once. Then they found a grand shrine before the mine's entrance. Fianna said it was being used recently for the ritual of releasing. Someone must have tried to release the seal for the militarized spirit, Jormungandr. They defeated some low-rank darkness attribute spirits at the shrine and headed towards the mine.

STnBD V02 003

Ellis covered in wounds fighting Jio Inzagi

Ellis was fighting alone with Rakka and Reishia collapsed nearby when Kamito and the others arrived. Jio displayed an overwhelming power again and defeated them one by one, first Ellis and then Rinslet. He also managed to injure Kamito who covered the attack for Fianna and the injured while she was healing. The battle ends with Fianna releasing a strong spirit from the Blood Stone she had kept.

Chapter 8 - Fianna's confessionEdit

Jio Inzagi disappeared. Fianna decided to tell everyone that she lost the ability to use her spirit. She said her «wish» was to regain her lost spirits power. Another earthquake struck. At that moment, Est said she knew the location to the true shrine. Only Kamito, Claire, and Fianna went on into the mine while the others waited for help outside.

The three went deep down underground. They arrived at a gigantic wall carved with the images of the Five Great Elemental Lords. Kamito noticed that a part of it was scraped off. Est added

"In the later times, Ren Ashdoll had its existence erased."
Right after that, the door opened up. Kamito stood watch outside while Fianna prepared for the resealing ritual. Then, Jio appeared.

Chapter 9 - Team ScarletEdit

Claire and Fianna also noticed that Jio had come. Kamito figured out Jio's true identity, an orphan of the «Instructional School», a failure from experiments to create a Demon King. He also deliberately pointed out that Jio's spirits were sealed spirits, not contracted spirits. With that, Fianna was ready to perform a ritual for driving spirits mad, to restrain Jio. The battle was going to end however, Restia appeared. Restia told Jio to give up but he used his spirit power to control her instead. Jio, now equipped with Restia's elemental waffe form, released a black lightning attack. It was aimed at Kamito and also Fianna behind him, so he could not dodge. He took the attack head-on.

Fianna seeing Kamito about to collapse, decided to overcome her past trauma. She called out her contracted spirit. It was a knight with holy attribute, having full resistance against the darkness attribute. After it repelled Jio's darkness attacks, Kamito went ahead and cut off Jio's arm.


Jio Inzagi was apprehended by the Sylphid Knights and Jormungandr was resealed by Fianna. Because of their achievement, Team Scarlets' school ranking greatly went up. Fianna's wish to restore her power came true during the quest but she said she now have another wish to be granted. Therefore, she decided to stay at the academy.