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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 03
STnBD V03 cover
Volume Title Pledge of the Wind
Release Date May 25, 2011
ISBN-10 ISBN 4-8401-3930-X
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8401-3930-4
Number of Pages 258
Cover Character/s Ellis Fahrengart
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«Valentia Holy Festival»
"I-I'm now your exclusive-use maid from now. ...I-Is that alright?"
The return of the academy's strongest elementalist
The darkness of «Cursed Armament Seals»

With the return of the strongest spirit contractor of the Areishia Spirit Academy and the arrival of a shadowy dealer, Kamito gets drawn into the affairs of the Sylphid Knights and the St. Valentia Festival.



In the Blade Dance three years ago, Ellis watched the match between her step-sister Velsaria Eva Fahrengart and Ren Ashbell. She was captivated by the blade dance which beat her sister and she decided that will be her goal.

Chapter 1 - The Ojou-sama Who Woke Up EarlyEdit

One week had passed since the quest at the Mine Town and Fianna had already joined Team Scarlet. During this time, the team had gained successive victories from the inter-school battles and their rank greatly went up.

In the morning, Kamito found Fianna and Claire making chocolate for «Valentia Holy Festival», which became the day to give chocolates to the opposite sex.

Later, teacher Freya Grandol informed academy director, Greyworth Ciel Mais, about Cursed Armament Seal traders sneaking into Academy Town and also about Velsaria returning to the academy from her quest.

Chapter 2 - Team Scarlet's DashEdit

Although with some difficulty, Team Scarlet defeated academy rank seventh «Team Aquans» in an inter-school battle. As the team walked through the corridor, they were stopped by their seniors who tried to provoke Claire to a duel by insulting her sister.

Rinslet appeared and helped Claire to chase away the seniors. She then requested to join Team Scarlet's victory celebration party, but before the party, Kamito had to attend supplementary classes.

Chapter 3 - Claire's BirthdayEdit

Kamito met Ellis in the supplementary class. Before the class start, Kamito help her study and teach her to remember only some important parts. The class began when teacher Freya arrived. Her main focus was on the topic about «Cursed Armament Seal». Ellis added that there was a group selling it in Academy Town and the Sylphid Knights were very busy due to short-handedness. Sylphid Knights members were reduced by one third as they were still recovering from the previous incident cause by Jio Inzagi. Ellis wanted to express her gratitude to Kamito for helping her and ask if Kamito had some free time. Kamito invited her to their party but she refused. They are going to meet in the evening instead.

Reuniting with Claire and the others, they moved to the «Wind» area of the Academy Town. While Claire was looking at an accessory shop, Rinslet told Kamito that Claire's birthday is tomorrow.

In the restaurant they feasted on, there they met an Elfim waitress. She is Vivian Melosa. She was there to search a good target for her experiments.

Chapter 4 - A Knight's SincerityEdit

STnBD V03 003

Ellis in maid outfit

Kamito met up with Ellis in the evening. She brought him to her room in Weasel Class' dormitory. While Ellis was making her preparations in another room, Kamito found a memory-sealed spirit crystal near her desk. Inside, it reflected an appearance of Ren Ashbell three years ago with another girl who he vaguely remembered.

Ellis reappeared in her maid outfit saying she would be his exclusive maid and Kamito had his dinner with Ellis.

Later, while both of them walked to Raven class dormitory, she asked Kamito to join Sylphid Knights, at least until Rakka and Reishia recovered. Kamito asked if he could get his salary in advance. Kamito returned to the room and on telling Claire that he was with Ellis, she chased him out. Meanwhile, in Ellis room, Velsaria had returned.

Chapter 5 - Sylphid KnightsEdit

Kamito found Est beside him when he woke up. She did not sleep in Claire's room and followed him to near the forest where he sleep. She was angry that he left her behind.

It was a day off today for the academy since the Valentia Holy Festival was held. However, Kamito had to attend the Sylphid Knights' meeting and probably had to work all day. At the meet, Ellis introduced Kamito to the knights. Then she started the briefing for today's missions, they were to prevent dueling between students and to catch Cursed Armament Seal merchants. When she was about to dismiss everyone, Velsaria butted in. She insulted the knights saying they were useless and unable to capture one criminal. Kamito caught her attention and she said she want to test his ability. Suddenly, she cast a spirit magic and it blew almost everyone away. Velsaria then selected some upperclassmen knights that could avoid the attack to join her team for the Blade Dance.

As Velsaria left the building, she thought of Ren Ashbell. It was because Kamito's eyes were similar to hers. Velsaria wanted a rematch with Ren Ashbell.

Chapter 6 - Security of Academy TownEdit

The knights spread out patrolling in groups of two or three people. Kamito was paired with Ellis. They went on rampaging spirits subjugation quest in the Spirit Forest. These spirits naturally came out of the «Gate» appearing in the forest however, they noticed that these are not normal occurrences. Someone was trying to distract the knights. Even after dealing with the spirits, they were led around by unexpected incidents in town. It was already afternoon that Kamito and Ellis decided to take a break and ate lunch. Another group of knight also joined them. The conversation led them to be talking about Claire. While Kamito was wondering whether Claire would still be angry, he saw Scarlet. He decided to chase after it.

Claire was following Scarlet into town and got lost. While she was thinking of Kamito, Scarlet came back with Kamito chasing after it. Claire was surprised to see Kamito here. She wanted to forgive Kamito for what happen yesterday but instead got angry with his answer being a knight's work with Ellis. Ellis also arrived at the scene. Claire snapped and threw a bag of chocolates she made for Kamito at his face.

Nearby, Vivian Melosa approached two academy upperclassmen and offered them Cursed Armament Seal.

Chapter 7 - Valentia Holy FestivalEdit

Kamito and Ellis look for Claire, but abandon the search because it was time to continue patrolling. Ellis expresses Kamito her admiration for her sister and Ren Ashbell, and talks about how much things has changed since Velsaria lost in the Blade Dance. Kamito stops in a shop to buy something.

Claire is walking in the forest, when Vivian Melosa appears before her offering power, she declines and Vivian orders the two upperclassmen to attack Claire.

After buying a cat pendant for Claire, he talks to Ellis, who is about to give him chocolate, when a roar came from the plaza. When Ellis and Kamito arrive, there's a frenzied spirit, Kamito battles it, but is injured while saving a little girl. Claire jumps out of nowhere and joins the battle being chased by another frenzied spirit. Velsaria appears and blows everything on her path with the Silent Fortress and beats both spirits.

Chapter 8 - Ellis' DeterminationEdit

V03 P212

Velsaria and Vivian Melosa

Kamito wakes up in Claire's room and eat's Claire's chocolates, just before she enters, he praises her and gives her the pendant he bought, she apologizes for not hearing his side of the story. They're interrupted by Fianna, who came with the news that their next opponent will be Velsaria's team, and with Kamito injured, they don't think they can win. Rinslet enter the room and Kamito makes her join Team Scarlet, next Rakka and Reisha appear at the door.

Ellis is in her room, mourning about how weak she is and how Kamito was injured for helping her. Suddenly, Claire enters her room, and convinces her, with Rakka and Reisha's help, of joining Team Scarlet to fight against Velsaria's team the next day.

Chapter 9 - The Strongest ElementalistEdit

As he is wounded, Kamito is on the stands, watching the battle of Team Scarlet against Velsaria's team. The battle begin, but Versaria decides to attack by herself Team Scarlet, and starts overwhelming them, with good tactics and teamwork, Team Scarlet manage to take down Velsaria's fortress. Instead of going down, Velsaria summons more power and goes Bersek. Noticing this, Kamito decides to enter the battle, and saves Claire and the others from a thigh spot. He decides to face Velsaria head on and pierces her armor using Vorpal Strike, the same way as three years before, Velsaria recognizes him as Ren Ashbell, as she calmly accepts her defeat.


Velsaria had removed the Cursed Armament Seal by Est's power in one go, but her future as an elementalist was in doubt, however, she was now taken into custody and was about to depart to the capital to be judged for her crimes. She apologizes to Ellis and tells Kamito to take care of her.