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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 04
STnBD V04 cover
Volume Title The Blade Dance
Release Date August 25, 2011
ISBN-10 ISBN 4-8401-4202-5
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8401-4202-1
Number of Pages 259
Cover Character/s Rinslet Laurenfrost
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"--Nii-sama is Muir's only"
The covert Instructional School's assassins.
Kamito's revealed past
Ren Ashbell's objective--

Team Scarlet was qualified to participate in the Blade Dance. The party of five people move on to «Ragna Ys», a floating island within Astral Zero and the place the Blade Dance would be held. Before the festival actually start, they were attacked by someone who seems to know Kamito.



Four years ago, «Instructional School» was attacked and destroyed. However, Kamito only cared about Restia, who was sealed in a ring and stored underground. He met Muir Alenstarl on the way, and also encountered the attacker. Muir offered to fight the opponent for him. That was the last time he saw Muir.

Chapter 1 - Travel PreparationEdit

After Kamito woke up from his dream, he greeted another morning just like usual. However, today is the day of departure, he and his teammates needed to prepare their luggage and headed to Astral Zero, the stage of the Blade Dance.

They gathered at the «gate» within Areishia Spirit Academy premises. All three teams represent the academy are here, Team Wyvern, Team Team Cernunnos, and Team Scarlet, ranked first to third respectively. From now, they were going to board a ship prepared by Divine Ritual Institute. After Ellis bid farewell to Rakka and Reishia, they proceeded to the gate prepared by teacher Freya Grandol. Arrived in Astral Zero, they saw a flying ship await them.

Freya returned to academy director office room and reported Greyworth about her investigation on Instructional School's orphans.

Chapter 2 - Sky VoyageEdit

Inside their room in the ship, the members of Team Scarlet are talking while Rinslet is brewing tea, after a while, Scarlet escapes the room and the topic changes to Ren Ashbell. Kamito states that it's all an exaggeration, but is attacked by Ellis, Claire and Rinslet, he decides to exit the room using Scarlet as an excuse.

Under the ship a young girl emerges from a little ship and summons a spirit, «Death Gaze»

Chapter 3 - Dracunia's Dragon PrincessEdit

Kamito exits to the ship's deck, where he meets Leonora and later Claire arrives. Their conversation is interrupted because Death Gaze is attacks the ship, Kamito saves Leonora and Claire from falling and decides to attack, Claires tries to stop him, but he continues and jumps from the deck to land on the spirit's back, impaling him with Est.

He cuts Death Gaze's tail and starts falling before Claire grabs him with her Flame Tongue and returns him to the deck, the spirit attacks one again, and Claire and Kamito counter it, but it is not enough to finish, Leonora releases her Nidhogg and defeats the spirit. Claire sees a small ship under theirs and Leonora leaves upon the arrive of the other members of Team Scarlet.

In the small ship, the young girl, Muir Alenstarl talks with a descendant of the elfim race, Lily Flame, about how weak Kamito has become.

Chapter 4 - Floating IslandEdit

Team Scarlet arrives to Ragna Y's, the floating island that was the domain of the Wind Elemental Lord, where the Blade Dance will be held. They were transported to the castle where they would be lodging by a horse-driven carriage. In the castle, they got to their rooms, while the girls were at a luxurious room, Kamito's room was a dark and dusty one in a far corner of the castle. They decide to go to swim in the lake to purify for the Blade Dance together.

Chapter 5 - Water PlayEdit

V04 P145

Muir Alenstarl

Kamito is in the lake waiting for everyone, after the girls arrive they  start playing at the lake while Kamito sunbaths. A while later, he was talking to Est, when Rinslet asked him to teach her to how to swim, he agrees, but during the swimming lesson, Claire arrives, she fights with Rinslet and escapes running to the forrest.

In the forest she finds a girl that attacks her with the militarized spirit Scylla, which grabs and restrains Claire, the girl seems to know Kamito, which hurts Claire's feelings. Kamito arrives and saves Claire, but takes two blows while protecting her, as he didn't brought Est. Rinslet arrives and perform a combined attack with Claire to destroy Scylla. 

The girl removes her hood while sighting for Kamito's weakness, Kamito identifies her as Muir. Muir turns back and prepares to leave, Claire and Rinslet try to chase her, but are stopped by Kamito who tells them that they can't beat her, both girls stopped at Kamito's serious expression.

Chapter 6 - CracksEdit

Fianna arrives to Kamito's room while he's thinking about Muir, she starts treating his wounds and they discuss Kamito's body condition before Claire enters. Claire is enraged but let's the scene with Fianna slide because she wants to ask Kamito about Muir. Kamito replies that it doesn't have anything to do with her and Claire leaves the room upset. The other girls arrive and Kamito decide to look for Claire before the Ball Dance starts.

Chapter 7 - Darkness Spirit GirlEdit

Claire runs through the Castle thinking about what Kamito told her, she is angry until Scarlet appears with the silver pendant Kamito gave her, Claire calms down and realizes that she can only be honest while Kamito is not around.

STnBD V04 002

Restia kiss Kamito

Kamito is lost in the castle and stops near a fountain with the statues of the elemental lords, where he finds a destroyed statue, Restia appears and tells him that the statue is from Ren Ashdoll, the Darkness Elemental Lord. Restia warns Kamito about the other Ren Asbell and that Muir wants to kill his companions, he states that he'll protect them and her, even at the cost of his life, Restia is surprised and kisses Kamito before disappearing.

Claire was watching the scene unfold, but couldn't hear what they were talking, at the end, she starts crying when she sees Restia kissing Kamito as he does not resists.

In a cave under Ragna Y's, Lily Flame talks to Ren Ashbell informing her about Muis and Restia's doings, Ren Ashbell decides to see Kamito in the Ball Dance, next moment, Muir appears and states that she'll kill the members of Team Scarlet to awaken Kamito.

Chapter 8 - Ball DanceEdit

Kamito reunites in the Ball with the girls of Team Scarlet except for Claire, praising each one of them. Rinslet and Fianna start fighting for who will dance with Kamito, they are stopped by Ellis. They meet Leonora and after a brieft exchange, the attention changes to the entrance, where Claire has just arrived, she is invited to dance by the prince of Balsutan Kingdom, but she turned him down, he insists by trying to kiss her hand and she slaps him in the face before running to the entrance. Kamito tries to follow her, but is stopped by Rinslet, who goes in his stead, at that moment Fianna whispers to him and he notices that Ren Ashbell arrived. 

Chapter 9 - Brand of DarknessEdit

Claire stops running near the lake and Rinslet catches up to her, both start talking but get interrupted by Muir, who summons «Tiamat».

Back in the Dance, Kamito and the other Ren Ashbell are gathering all the attention with their fierce dance, Kamito decides to take the initiative and takes her to the balcony, he asks about Restia and she explains that she's preparing for war and mentions other thing that Kamito does not understand. Suddenly she grabs him and pierces his chest saying that she will test him.

In the lake Claire and Rinslet are having a hard time against Tiamat, Muir decides to stop playing around and activates «Jester's Vise», Tiamat releases another strong attack and Claire resolves to die instead of calling Kamito, in that instant Fianna and Ellis arrive.

In the balcony, Kamito is struggling with pain and Ren Ashbell informs him that Muir is fighting his companions, he declares that he will save them and she throws him from the balcony.

Fianna's Georgios is blown away, and the other three try a coordinated attack, but it's fruitless against Tiamat's five heads. Jester's Vise starts taking its toll, but Muir says that she does not care if Tiamat dies, later informing the girls that Kamito and her are assassins from the Instructional School.

Kamito realized that he had some broken bones but he can not move, Est comes running and helps him by suppressing the curse. Kamito stands and forces Est to transform into sword mode and he runs toward the lake.

Chapter 10 - Showdown with the PastEdit

Muir continues dominating the battle, this time Tiamat summons plants to trap the girls, just when her conscience is about to fade, she call for Kamito to save her, suddenly she falls on the mud, as well as the others, Kamito had just appeared.

Kamito ask them if they heard about his past, he realizes they did and tells them that he will continue to protect them. The girls tell him that he is stupid for thinking that they will treat him differently after knowing about his past. Kamito decides to engage Tiamat and with a little help of his teammates and his real blade dance (the assassination techniques) he defeats Tiamat.


After defeating Muir Alenstarl's Tiamat, Kamito collapsed. Fianna rushed to him and found a Cursed Armament Seal around his heart's location. Est, returned to her human form, kissed Kamito. She bid him farewell and disappeared.