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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 09
STnBD V09 cover
Volume Title Cross Fire
Release Date November 22, 2012
ISBN-10 ISBN 4-8401-4874-0
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8401-4874-0
Number of Pages 260
Cover Character/s Rubia Elstein
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Greyworth's entrusted wish
--You have finally called out my name, Master.
The strongest flames awaken!
A blade dance of the night

The rules and location for the Blade Dance final round have been decided. The final round will take place in Megidoa, a historic battlefield of the «Spirit War» thousands of years ago with the rule «Cross Fire». It is similar to the first round but the members of each party will be transported to different locations.



Chapter 1 - Entrusted PromiseEdit

Chapter 2 - Blade Dance of the NightEdit

Chapter 3 - Sparks Scattered Across the BattlefieldEdit

Chapter 4 - Demon Sword of DarknessEdit

Chapter 5 - Spirit WeaponEdit

Chapter 6 - Scarlet ValkyrieEdit

Chapter 7 - Cross FireEdit