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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 12
STnBD V12 cover
Volume Title Releasing the Sealed Sword
Release Date November 25, 2013
ISBN-10 ISBN 4-0406-6075-7
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-0406-6075-2
Number of Pages 259
Cover Character/s Ellis Fahrengart
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"I am here, Kamito. Concretely in your heart—"
The Amnesia
A new enemy approaches

One week since the end of the Blade Dance. Kamito opened his eyes for the first time in a long while after having lost consciousness, only to find that he had forgotten everything related to Restia, about the Academy, his teammates, and about the sealed sword spirit as well. Peaceful days at the academy passed during this period of memory loss. However, the destiny surrounding the «Demon King» wouldn't permit that. Before the annual school festival, the magic of an enemy drew near Kamito who had both his memories and swords sealed.



Kamito was trying to survey his surroundings, after being discovered by Claire that he was awake, he was asking Claire's name. Therefore, Kamito was discovered himself having amnesia.

Chapter 1 - AmnesiaEdit

Chapter 2 - EscapeEdit

Chapter 3 - Upheaval in the TheocracyEdit

Sjora Kahn and her cult troops, in a coup de'at, attacked her country, killed the hierarch, captured her sister and the other princess maidens.

Millennia Sanctus of the Holy Kingdom of Lugia met with Sjorna to get her rewards and made preparations to visit the «Burial Chamber».

Chapter 4 - Demon King's Burial ChamberEdit

Kamito, who is still in his amnesia, was informed by Claire as to what happened over the four years after the destruction of the «Instructional School». With this, «Team Scarlet» members decided to protect him while he is in this state, furthermore, Greyworth confirmed the re-appearance of «Burial Chamber».

Chapter 5 - InvaderEdit

Finding out that he has to attend classes, Kamito thus ate a late breakfast. Later he was summoned by Ellis to help in the security of «Great Festival of the Spirits» as a member of the «Sylphid Knights».

Chapter 6 - NumbersEdit

Chapter 7 - Great Festival's EveEdit

Chapter 8 - Great Festival of the SpiritsEdit

Chapter 9 - Academy AttackedEdit

Chapter 10 - Releasing the Sealed SwordEdit