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Shao Fu
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Character Profile
Name (Kanji) シャオ・フー
Name (Romaji) Shao Fu
Personal Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) White Tiger
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 05 (mentioned)

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 07 (actual appearance)

Shao Fu is the ace of Team Four Gods. Her contracted spirit is «White Tiger». In elemental waffe form, it is the «Divine Tiger Fangs». She is a user of the «Fist of Assassination».


She posses azure-blue eyes and white hair. She wears an attire resembling her contracted spirit: White Tiger.

Personality Edit

She is easy going and she likes to fight strong people.


She and her team were in the gathering hall before the teams were sent off to the Tempest. On the fourth day, she attended an imperial council with her team, sans Rion Sharma who was scouting for Team Inferno's stronghold. They discussed on whether or not they should face Team Scarlet. Shao didn't care as long as she fights strong opponents. Rao Rin tried to dissuade Linfa Sin Quina but the latter had already sent out the declaration. Rao was angry but Shao tried to console her by pointing out that it didn't matter. Linfa justifies her actions by saying they need to take out the male elementalist Kazehaya Kamito due to the rumors to which everyone agreed. Shao interrupted saying that they need to hear Rion's opinion but she was late coming back. Wondering if she failed in the mission "she" returned and reports that Team Inferno is not leaving their stronghold so it is safe to fight Team Scarlet.


The Fist of AssassinationEdit

  • «The Tiger's Killing Howl» - damages internal organs through invisible shockwaves.