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Simorgh (full body) anime ver
Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) シムルグ
Name (Romaji) Simorgh
Elemental Waffe (Kanji) レイ・ホーク
Elemental Waffe (Romaji) Ray Hawk
Race Spirit
Contractor Ellis Fahrengart
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01
Anime Episode 02

Simorgh is Ellis Fahrengart's current contracted spirit. It is a demon wind elemental spirit in the form of large eagle.

In its elemental waffe form, it transforms into a spear known as «Ray Hawk».

Appearance Edit

Simorgh in spirit form take on the form a large eagle when in elemental form turns in to a spear.

Areisha spirit Arc Edit

Blade Dance Arc Edit

Sprit war Arc Edit


In its purified form, Simorgh flies with high speed and swoops at its target. It is capable of turning itself into countless blades of wind to attack.

In elemental waffe form, «Ray Hawk», similarly to its eagle form, the spear tip is capable of creating blades of wind making it harder to evade a thrust attack.


  • It's name "Simorgh" comes from the mythical Persian bird Simurgh.