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We the Sylphid Knights will protect this peaceful academy from the perpetrators.

—Ellis telling Kamito[1]

Sylphid Knights (also known as Knights) are a party of students that act as a public morals committee in Areishia Spirit Academy. They guard the public order, morals and discipline of the academy.

Their headquarters is located within the academy grounds. This building "was a staggeringly splendid building remodeled from an old cathedral."[2] It has heavy iron doors and its interior consists of a wide sky-blue ceiling with the floor filled with conference tables.

The members consist of elite students who have outstanding results. They are paid a proper salary and have the power to arrest people. Being a part of them allows one to wear armour and a standard sword with a sword belt. Those who misuse and abuse their authority are expelled!

During patrols, the members form groups of two-men-cells or three-men-cells in account of their abilities.

Since the change in leadership, it is now a small organization with members numbering around twenty knights. However, in the past, it is mentioned that it used to be bigger and of more quality.[3]


When Velsaria Eva Fahrengart was captain, the organization operated with strict rules. With their perfect and efficient doctrine, those who breached the rules of the academy and the organization's rules were punished there and then, and students were mercilessly beaten up.

Since the students are from noble families, they could not bear the harsh methods. Thus electing her successor, Ellis Fahrengart who is from the same family. This change resulted in both the loss of people and power and a lack of quality in the current Knights.


This organization is known to perform various missions for the academy.

The missions are listed below:

  • Undertaking special quests given by the Director.
  • Academy Town patrol
  • Hunting down criminals
  • General security
  • Subduing wild spirits
  • Negotiations between student organizations
  • Safeguarding spirits that have gone astray
  • Rescuing stranded people
  • Exposing traders who smuggle sealed spirits
  • Resolving duels


Former membersEdit

  • "Adamantine Elementist" (expelled)
  • "Demonic Mirror Elementist" (expelled)


  • They wear an armour above their uniforms.
  • Kamito was asked by Ellis Fahrengart to join in until Rakka and Reisha have recovered.
  • 4 knights defected to Velsaria Fahrengart[4]
  • Claire has been engaging them in battles from Velserias' time till now, Ellis' time.[5]*
  • Kamito wears a badge as armours are all female ones.


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