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Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) ヴォイド
Name (Romaji) Void
Elemental Waffe (Kanji) ストーム・ブリンガー
Elemental Waffe (Romaji) Storm Bringer
Epithet Earl
Race Spirit
First Appearance
Novel Volume 03

Void is a demonic spirit, it's elemental waffe form is a jet black sword called «Storm Bringer».

It was summoned by Greyworth to capture and punish Vivian Melosa for distributing Cursed Armament Seals to students in the academy. It was also summoned and used to teach Kazehaya Kamito Absolute Blade Arts - Final Form, «Last Strike». In the aftermath of the training, Greyworth's pathways in her body for the circulation of divine power had been irreparably severed; the contract it had with her was no more.


It was once contracted to the Demon King Solomon. Up to the event before the current Blade Dance final round, it was contracted to Greyworth Ciel Mais.